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An action packed international thriller, JETLAG is like a high-tech airplane ride. The suspends builds up as you taxi out, then adds full power for takeoff, and cruises along at supersonic speed. It makes an exciting approach, a seemingly smooth landing and ultimately comes to a safe stop, in a romantic Caribbean pastel setting. A ride you will want to to take over and over again.

Many of the Russian underworld endeavors mentioned in JETLAG are based on true facts and actual events. Jetlag feels like a well balanced mix of Tom Clancy and John Grisham; A technological thriller with a hint of ordinary people whose lives have been turned upside down... think THE FIRM meets  CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER.

Jetlag Cover

"Intriguing and suspenseful. It was literally a BLAST  reading JETLAG."   Dennis Goldberg, award winning screenwriter and novelist.

"An action packed seat of the pants ride from beginning to end. Jetlag has all the elements of a terrific book, adventure, mystery and intrigue.  Michael Mouyal really knows how to engage the reader because of his many years as an airline pilot."  Paul Pompian, Motion picture producer.

To reinforce these comments, here is a blurb straight from the book:

"My pregnant wife recently was killed in a car accident. Well I thought it was an accident, until I was contacted by the FBI, who led me to believe, that my new employer was to blame. What should I do? " Mark Kelloin faced this awkward dilemma and decided to investigate. Even if it meant jeopardizing his own life.

Mark a new hire pilot for Tropic Airlines, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, discovers that his airline is owned by the Russian organized crime. He researches the correlation, while dealing with the mounting pressure to spy for the FBI and the horrible loss of his beloved wife and unborn child. He finds himself in the midst of an international organized crime project that spans the globe, not knowing who is really on his side.

If this has sparked your interest in the book, download the Introduction and First Chapter here.

"Writing this novel was a tremendous amount of research and work.  About 8 years worth part time.  It was really fun though. While flying to Honolulu on a layover I visited the USS 287 Bowfin, a retired world war II diesel electric US submarine located in Pearl Harbor.  I was also fortunate to visit a Russian B39 Foxtrot class attack submarine while in the port of San Diego (pictured on the cover)."

--Michael Mouyal


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