Seawars is a sci-fi journey taking place 2000 years in the future underwater. Skuba, as seen below, must free the president's daughter from kidnappers while saving his underwater colony from extinction. It is a high concept animation sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster type Star Wars meets Top Gun... underwater!


"This screenplay is my best work ever, and the story came to me as I was taking my open water divers PADI certification.  A shark swam by me and I realized how vulnerable I was in the deep and that's the feeling I wanted to portray in the script. At the same time I was mesmerized by this unique underwater universe I had never experienced before.  I sat down for 14 days straight and wrote.   I had all these feelings and images that wouldn't stop flowing in, till I was done."

--Michael Mouyal

Recognition Seawars has received:

SeawarsBHFF   SeawarsFMM film pitch competition - Current Top 20 Finalist (of 127 entries). A winner will be announced June 4th at


Also coming soon is a juvenile book and comic book based on the screenplay! Here are a few images and concepts for your viewing pleasure:

Dragon  Stingray


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